BBQs 2U – Must-Have Accessories for Elevating Gozney Arc Experience

The Gozney Arc has taken the outdoor cooking world by storm. Its powerful performance, gas-fuel convenience [with charred wood-like flavour] and yellow arc flame capable of delivering Neapolitan-style pizzas at home are fantastic.

However, you can unlock its full potential and enhance your backyard cookout sessions with a few essential accessories from BBQs 2U.

The store is a passionate family-based business in Abersoch. It offers free home delivery to consumers across the UK.

  • Arc stand– For elevated cooking, the Gozney Arc stand provides better airflow beneath. Elevation also makes it easy to manoeuvre the oven and access its components.
  • Pizza Peel– It is a long-handled, lightweight peel crucial to safely launch and retrieve your pizzas from the high heat of the Arc. You can choose a metal or wooden peel based on your preference and budget.
  • Infrared thermometer– To master a perfect pizza, this instant-read thermometer allows keeping an eye on the accuracy of pizza stone temperature. This ensures consistent, perfectly cooked results.
  • Dough scraper– It is a handy tool to keep the workspace clean. Scrape dough off your peel and manage every pizza-making essential with it.
  • Dough mat– A dedicated non-stick dough mat for kneading, shaping and stretching the dough elevates pizza pizza-making process. It ensures perfect results consistently.
  • Pizza cutters– For effortless and smooth slicing, choose a pizza cutter that matches your personal style. Show off your cooking masterpieces with a functional and stylish pizza cutter.
  • Gozney gas regulator & hose– For safe and efficient gas connection, only choose Gozney-approved regulator & hose. This ensures a reliable gas flow and optimal performance for your Arc.
  • Gozney Cover – The Gozney Arc coveris tailored and shields your oven from dust, rain and UV rays. It ensures your oven stays in pristine working conditions all the time. Even when your oven is not in use, it is visually appealing with a customized cover.
  • Grill grates – You can transform your oven into a grill with a dedicated grate. Explore versatile cooking, like searing steaks or, making burgers or grilling vegetables. Grate allows you to push your cooking boundaries.
  • Roasting pan – The stainless steel pan allows you to roast succulent meats and veggies and even make desserts to perfection with the full potential of Arc flames.

If you have Gozney Dome, you can check out the 

  • Dome Steam injector– It allows to creation of more moisture inside the oven. The right amount of water is injected to create a stem while baking bread and getting a crispier crust.
  • Dome wood loader –It is specially designed to place and handle wood in the oven without burning your hands.

For your Roccbox, opt for –

  • Gozney Roccbox woodburner– Attach the woodburner 2.0 and switch between gas-fuel and wood-fired cooking.

Choose relevant Gozney accessories from BBQs 2U for guaranteed fit and optimal performance. Adding a few accessories allows you to unlock culinary possibilities and hone your pizza-making skills.

Gozney often adds something new to their accessories category, so follow BBQs 2U on Instagram. Discover the ideal accessories and personalize your Gozney Arc experience!