Copper round bar grade

Copper Round Bar is one of the metal bars used in specific applications. There are different grades of copper depending on the alloy material that is used to produce the copper products. The grades range from commercially pure copper that contains 99.99% copper all the way to completely alloyed copper. Copper has antibacterial properties as well. It is toxic to different organisms at different levels. Copper has high electrical and thermal conductivities. Some grades of copper round bar could use this property. The copper bars range in shapes and sizes as well.

There are very thin copper bars that are used in low cost electrical applications. And there are very wide ones used in high end, complex applications. The

copper hex bar is another shape of copper bars that is also widely used. There are some pure copper grades that provide maximum heat exchange and electric conductivity. The c101 for example has 100% electrical conductivity. Although the grade is great for electrical applications, it is difficult to weld with or to apply brazing. The material has higher embrittlement risk, so it has to be handled carefully by experienced practitioners and for appropriate systems. In addition to the pure copper bars, there are copper nickel alloys, nickel silver alloys and oxygen free copper grades. The c101 is actually an oxygen free copper material. The c101 copper round bar prices vary according to the market fluctuations. There are other materials being substituted for copper in recent years where possible. One reason is the copper reserves are limited.