Follow the current special home trends to build a fantasy house

Read on to learn about several other trends for the coming year.


Copper is an element that gets steam in decorative pieces as well as functional such as faucet, tub, sink and light equipment for some names. The relay custom home builder top copper adds a twist to design adding rural nuances to traditional designs. This trend and has grown for years.

Water features

The custom home builder over pushing the trend of water features in many spaces throughout their homes and buildings. Open waterways, waterfalls, and incredible fountains to create a sweet and relaxed atmosphere. They make the house feel more like a wonderful escape to go home.

There is a waterfall island that appears as usual, right in the middle of the kitchen and made in marble, granite or wood. However, this is a design element in the future homeowners both love or dislike. There is also a change in the peak of the living room inside and outdoors.

Liquid design

Instead of having traditional separation between space inside and outdoors, new homes flow out, and come out easily. There is no defined separation between spaces that include screen and glass walls, many can be drawn to allow fresh air to flow directly. Floor materials and walls among other elements are made of more natural ingredients to carry outdoors.

Even showing glass stairs for shades that are more open, and accented with natural ingredients such as wood and iron. They have become a beautiful focal point at home.

Outdoor space is as important as the design of houses as indoor. They still have an outdoor fireplace and fire hole, water features, and many areas and ways to socialize and gather with family and friends. The top custom home builders say the outer space is important even in a cooler climate because more people find value in being outside. The house even becomes smaller than the outside area.

Industrial elements

The top custom home builders say that accents and industrial elements such as slim lights, furniture, and gain popularity and coupled with brightly colored walls and decorative items. This is a great way to have a modern atmosphere and like a home that impresses everyone. Look previously only in business but it found his way to more houses.


Rural elements are thrown with contemporary designs. Things like warehouse doors used for bedrooms, cabinets, and kitchens are just a few examples. They make features that are very unique and allow homeowners to open rooms that are sometimes needed to close too.

It is possible to achieve elegant and rural nuances in the house according to the top custom home builder. This eclectic taste is sought in the current trend.

Going Green.

Sustainable and green elements to the house continue to grow in popularity, and the top custom house builder knows the design of the award-winning desired by people. Being aware of the environment is important in home ownership, and for those who consider all ingredients from floor to ceiling and beyond the benefits are unlimited. Not only does it carry tax damage but will save a lower natural resource and bill. Using the product that can be reused is also cost effective.