Packaging Design Trends Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected lives and hit industries seriously. Aside from the food and essential business, the packaging industry has been impacted by the pandemic badly.

For products such as food and pharmaceuticals, packaging is vital. Also, these products fall under essential services, thus, it is important to meet the demand for packaging of these products. Also, the packaging industry has to keep up with the shortage of employees and raw materials, panic buying trends, and isolation rules. Because of the risk of manufacturing offshores, many companies want to localize their entire production and supply chain operations. Given this shift in market demand and shift towards consumption of quality local produce, businesses have to reconsider their packaging designs that are expected to stay for coming years.

While packaging continues to be in demand despite the global crisis, there will be changes in terms of design. Consumers and the entire supply chain are expected to be careful with product purchase and shipment even after the pandemic. But, as the designing process is digitized, businesses can work on them collaboratively. Here’s what to expect when it comes to packaging design amid the pandemic:

Consumer Behavior Shift

After the lockdown, consumers are expected to continue to cook at home to have healthy diets. They will stock up on snacks and ready-to-cook meals. As consumers want healthy foods, they will be willing to pay more for them. Because of this, brands are offering ready-made ancient alternatives that are convenient, appetizing, and nutritious. Their packaging displays these descriptions.

Faster Product Creation

As the demand for essentials and hygiene products rises, brands can create more products than ever. But, to have the first-movers edge, they need to get the packaging in time. They use online collaborative design tools for product packaging for faster product launches. Also, many companies have more than enough inventory storage by working with a packaging supplier that offers warehousing services.

Designing from Home

Because of the new social distancing rules enforced by the government, organizations encourage work from home. packaging design can be efficiently carried out from home given the increased digitization. Cloud-based platforms are available to help delegate tasks among stakeholders, allowing business owners to manage their creative artworks with workflows, as well as set roles and deadlines.

The packaging industry continues to evolve despite reduced consumer spending. The global pandemic has introduced new challenges the industry was not prepared for. But, efficient supply chain digitization can help solve it. A great packaging supplier and manufacturer has an experienced team and tools needed for effective collaboration.