Picking the Right Printed Boxes for Your Product Packaging Needs

Printing your company logo on boxes is a great way to add personality to any promotional product. With custom-made boxes, you get the exact color, design with your logo and have the products ready for distribution fairly quickly. Even offer a free sample to help you maximize your branding for your demographic and make certain that the final product is what you envisioned. Many of the printed box options also include a complimentary insurance policy at no additional cost. These added benefits are sure to make any piece a winner.

Cardboard Boxes The most popular printing option for custom packaging are pre-boxed models that are great for any promotional event or product launch, trade show or convention. This convenient packing option is made from high quality, thick PVC and will provide a sturdy solution for shipping. The material also offers an eco-friendly alternative to paper while offering durability and stability for long-term use. Ordering flexible packaging in stock sizes is the best choice for fast production and ensures you get the best fit for your promotional item.

Flexographic Boxes Made from thick PVC foam, flexible printed boxes offer the same durability as cardboard boxes with the added benefit of a tighter, lighter design. When you need a durable, flexible box that can stand up to the wear and tear of any promotional event, opt for flexographic printing to get the best results. Ordering your product in bulk will save you money and it will be shipped overnight to save your production time. Order flexible boxes in standard sizes to accommodate future orders with ease.

Voila! Printed Boxes Using Flexographic Printing. The perfect choice for large orders and in-demand products, this revolutionary printing process is easy and convenient for all of your product needs. Ordering your items in bulk will save you money and it will be shipped overnight to save your production time.

When choosing between printed boxes and offset printing, choose flexography for your next order. This cutting-edge printing process provides you with the most precise and vivid color production. Combining high-resolution printing and color customization makes it the ideal solution for your next product packaging project. If you want your business to standout, go with custom printed packaging boxes that are made from one of the most durable materials on the market. Order your items in bulk and save money today!

Offset Printing vs. Flexographic Printing: Which is Right For You? For small orders, offset printing may be right for you because of its lower cost per unit. But if you need a lot of product packaging done quickly, you’ll probably benefit more from flexographic printing, as it’s faster and less expensive. In either case, choose the one that’s right for you – the right combination of strengths will bring you success.