Thai Students: Tips for Learning English

One of the biggest hurdles for any Thai student is to acquire adequate English skills to enter the university of their choosing. If you are Thai and your family are Thai, it can be difficult to gain the English language skills that you would need to enter a foreign university and with that in mind, here are a few language learning tips.

  • Boost your listening skills by watching foreign movies – Rather than watching an English language film with Thai subtitles, you should listen to the original soundtrack, which might be difficult at first, but over time, your listening skills will develop. Listening is obviously critical and is usually acquired before speaking; it is critical that a student comprehends a language prior to developing speaking skills.
  • Make friends with foreign students – Regardless of nationality, a foreign student would be able to speak English and if you make friends with foreign students, your English skills will vastly improve. Natural and free practice is a critical aspect of learning a language and the more you practice, the better you become.
  • Take an intensive English course – If you enroll withวุฒิgedเรียนต่างประเทศ/, they have intensive English courses, plus they offer university degrees in foreign universities. Intensive English courses bring the student’s level of English up very quickly and they can last for several months, studying up to 8 hours per day.
  • Don’t be shy to speak English – If a student is shy to speak English, this will hamper their progress; there is no room for shyness with language learning; you must have a level of self-confidence, which will help you to improve your language skills.
  • Study English at weekends – If you enrol in a weekend language class at an English language school, you will find a rapid development in your English language skills and when you finish one level, sign up for the next level.
  • Listen to English radio stations – This is another way to improve your language skills; scan the FM dial and find an English language channel that plays music that you like. The more you can surround yourself with English, the quicker your progress will be.

If might seem an impossible task if you only have a basic understanding of English, but the more determined you are, the faster you progress will be made. Don’t give up and one day, you will be a fluent speaker of English and that will open many doors for you.