The Versatile Fatty Acid With Lots Of Uses

Oleic acid is used to make isostearic acid, a fatty acid with many uses in different industries. Many products contain this substance, and there is a high chance you have used products containing this ingredient without realising it. You find this acid in products ranging from sun cream to exfoliating cream and many more products besides. Below are some of the uses for isostearic acid that you may find interesting and help you to realise how versatile this acid can be.

Synthetic Lubricants

You can find isostearic acid in many synthetic lubricants as it has excellent properties for this use. It has excellent thermal and oxidative stability and can help keep machinery functioning correctly, keeping the various parts well lubricated. You can buy many industrial and domestic lubricants containing this acid, and it is a highly common ingredient in many different products.

Industrial Coatings

You will also find that isostearic acid is used in various industrial coatings for different products and machinery. It can help to protect them and keep them safe, and it can help safeguard metal, it is used in paints and used in polyurethane technology. You can also see this widely used in the marine sector, as it can help protect machines and equipment from the harsh effects of saltwater and other corrosives you find in the sea.


It is also used in metalworking, as it can help protect the metal from oxidisation and keep it in excellent condition. When metal gets tarnished or starts to rust, it renders it almost useless, so companies working with metal need to keep it in perfect condition and stop the rust from getting into the metal.

Personal Care Products

One of the biggest uses for isostearic acid is within the beauty industry, and many personal care products use this as an ingredient. It is common to find it in many creams and lotions in the cosmetics industry, and you may find that your favourite cosmetics will contain this fatty acid.

Some of the most common products and uses that contain isostearic acid include:

  • Dispersants
  • Emollients
  • Emulsifiers
  • Sun Protection Creams
  • Stabiliser
  • Moisturisers
  • Face Masks
  • Cleansing Oils

There are many uses for isostearic acid in cosmetics, and it is almost certain that if you check your cosmetics, you will have products that contain this ingredient.

Isostearic acid is safe to use, and there are no harmful side effects or allergic reactions caused by this versatile ingredient. It is commonly found in many industries and products that you find in industrial and commercial use.