What CG Family Law can offer you

If you are searching for a family lawyer in Adelaide, you may be searching for a firm that can deal with your situation with the utmost expertise and understanding. At CG family law, they offer lawyers who take the time to understand the intricacies of your situation, whilst also securing the best outcome for you and your family possible. Certain situations such as divorce or child custody may already be stressful enough, so CG will ensure that the legal situations don’t even need to go to family court – and are carried out in the least stressful way possible, to reach an amicable decision for all parties. As well as this, these family lawyers are approachable and professional, and will explain all the legal technicalities in digestible ways – so you don’t need to feel that you are out of the loop with the proceedings.

Here are some situations that these lawyers specialize in:

  1. Children’s Issues: CG are experts in legal issues surrounding children, such as living arrangements, child custody, mediation, relocation, and more. Court can be a stressful ordeal for children, so their lawyers will do what they can to ensure that children’s legal issues can be settled outside of the courtroom.
  2. Divorce and separation: Divorce can be challenging to navigate, and CG Family Law will aspire to achieve the best, and most amicable outcome for you and your partner. Their lawyers can help you to determine what you are entitled to in the separation, and give the best advice on what to do.
  3. Legal Documents: CG specializes in helping with legal documents, such as pre-nuptial agreements. With a wealth of experience, their lawyers can either help you write up such documents, or review one that has been given to you, giving you peace of mind.
  4. Property Settlement: Our lawyers are specialized in dividing assets, such as properties or vehicles, in situations of divorce or separation. They can also help to divide financial assets or more recreational assets, such as boats or jet skis.

If you are looking for a family lawyer in Adelaide, CG Family Law is the best company to do so, bringing expertise and compassion to your legal situation and remaining by your side every step of the way. Consultations are free and can be carried out over the phone, with little need for in-person meetings. Check out the website to learn more, or book in for an initial meeting with our experts.