What To Expect When Having Your uPVC Windows Sprayed

When the uPVC windows look tied in your home, you may be reluctant to replace them due to the cost. One of the issues with uPVC is that the window frames themselves can be fully functional and working, but the window frames can start to fade after a year or two. Previously, you would either need to put up with it or go to the expense of replacing your windows, which can be expensive and something you do not want to do if you can prevent it. However, there is now an excellent solution that you can use that is affordable, effective, and a lot less hassle than replacing your windows.

Spraying Your uPVC Windows

An excellent alternative to replacing your windows is uPVC window spraying, and it is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK. It is an option that is much less intrusive than replacing the windows in your home, and it will also cost a fraction of the price. You can save between 70-80% of the cost of replacing your uPVC windows when you choose to paint them instead. However, not all companies offering this service are as good as one another, so you will need to ensure you find a reputable company to do the job. Below is what you can expect when you hire a reputable company to spray your uPVC windows, so you are prepared when the workers arrive.

Preparing The Window Frames

The first part of the process is to prepare the window frames, and the first step is to clean them. The company painting your windows will need to clean their surface thoroughly and remove dirt and grease built up on the surface. It will not take long to do this, and once the surface of the window frame is clean, it is time to start preparing it for painting.

Getting It Ready For Painting

Once the surface of the window frame is clean, they will need to prepare the surface of the window frames to be painted. uPVC window frames have a smooth surface, and if you do not rough the surface up before painting it, the paint will not stick correctly. The workers will use various sandpapers to smooth and then rough up the surface of the windows, so they are ready to take the paint, and it will stick.

Painting The Windows

The next part of the process is to paint the windows, which is relatively quick compared to preparing the surface. However, for the best finish, your window frames will require several coats of paint, so they will need to let the first coat dry before applying another one. After a few coats, your window frames will look new again, and the exterior of your home will look fantastic.

The process of painting your window frames is quicker than replacing them and much less intrusive as the workers do not need to go inside your property. You will not need to redecorate inside, and it is also much cheaper, so it is an excellent alternative to replacing your windows and maximising their lifespan.